Saturday, December 28, 2013

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Exciting Features and Enhancements

Rockstar Games rolled out the exclusive version of Grand Theft Auto for iOS a couple of weeks ago. It is currently available for about $7.00 in App Store. Carl Johnson is now in the state of San Andreas for another exciting quests in the crowded streets of Los Santos. And its newest touchscreen platform is adding a several difference compared to a typical PC gaming environment.

Furthermore, Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas is working in most iOS powered devices. That includes iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, and 5c smartphones. It is also working in the 5th generation of iPod Touch, 2nd to 4th generation of iPad, the newly announced iPad Air, iPad Mini and Mini with Retina Display technology. Versions for Android as well in Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile is about to follow.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in iOS

For exciting features and game enhancements (from version), see the following list below:
  • Well improved characters, full high-definition (HD) graphics, and more advance lightning effects intended to fit in Apple iPad with Retina Display
  • Dynamic and real-time environment for good transition of characters and shadows
  • Supports all controllers intended for iOS that works in most of Apple portable devices
  • Offers a cloud saving option for the members of Rockstar Social Club
  • It has a fully functional dual analog stick controller for movements of characters
  • Users can choose from three different control schemes added
  • And updated check-point system is also available
Aside from Los Santos, Rockstar Games offers a two more fictional cities for Carl Johnson to explore. And that is the city of Las Venturas and San Fierro.

Quality of graphics may change on user's platform. iPhone and iPod Touch brought out the deepest color that the video game can offer. Hopefully, this version of Grand Theft Auto will also work smoothly in other future updates of iOS 7.



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