Monday, December 9, 2013

Google Doodle Honours Grace Hopper's 107th Birthday

Google honours the 107th birthday of Grace Hopper, the prominent mathematician and physicists responsible for the development of Common Business-Oriented Language (COBOL). One of the oldest programming language primarily designed for businesses and government administrative systems. The newest version debuted in 2002 with object-oriented capability.

Grace Brewster Murray (maternal name) invented FLOW-MATIC aside from being a notable person behind COBOL. She is U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, computer scientist, and a graduate of Vassar College and Yale University with a degree in Mathematics and Physics. A divorce wife who choose not to remarried and retained her last name from a former professor husband.

Google Doodle Honours Grace Hopper's 107th Birthday

Furthermore, Grace worked as a computer programmer in U.S. Navy when World War II broke out. Her contribution in the advancement of our technology cannot be replaced. That is why Google is reminding us to give our tributes to the mother of COBOL through a classical picture crossing the search engine main page.

Grace Brewster Murray Working in Early Computer

And before I can forget, Grace also popularized the word "debugging." The common procedure we used in reviewing source codes and removing of computer program flaws.

Happy 107th birthday Grace Hopper!



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