Saturday, December 7, 2013

Battle in Patent Infringement Between Apple and Samsung Continue

Apple is currently seeking for attorney's fee from Samsung after a controversial case in United States court that costs the South Korean to pay millions of dollars few months ago. They are asking to pay for some of their legal financial responsibility or 30-percent of overall fees. We do not know the plan of Apple against the technology giant from Asia but for sure, most of us are now aware of what happened after the legal battle.

The two top smartphone and tablet producers are about to return in headlines. Not for a new gadget but for another financial case that could bring a much bigger burden for Samsung. The company is currently facing a financial downfall because of the tough competition. Other brands continue to appear in stores, a cheaper model powered by Android which is now closer to iOS 7 in terms of look and feel.

Patent Infringement is not common in U.S. court. But to talk about Apple and Samsung, the market share for these two companies unexpectedly declined as noted by some business analysts in the last quarter of 2013.



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