Thursday, December 12, 2013

AVG Offers a Free Antivirus for Mac, PC and Mobile Devices

For almost four years, I've been relying to Avast! Free Antivirus software. I already learn how to trust the software since my first download. But far from what I know, AVG is working for another version extending its protection to mobile devices and OSX Mountain Lion powered machines. Capable of operating in other Macintosh supported device from any threat.

Furthermore, according to AVG's official website, it is also capable of protecting an Android-powered device aside from Windows and Mac computers. Just like of any other free antivirus software, it has a promising updated vaults and wide range of databases application for its automatic updates.

Compared to Avast!, updates for new version of software is seldom to happen in AVG. This might be a disadvantage from the other but the level of protection is almost similar. In terms of operation, AVG is more advance because of its drag-and-drop capability in scanning files and folders from user's computer. And it is also capable of scanning the entire drive on the same procedure.

AVG Offers a Free Antivirus for Mac

In addition, it has a quick scanning services through its Resident Shield module. If you are planning to get a copy of this software for your Mac, you can download that free software package in AVG's antivirus official webpage.



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