Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amazon is Transforming Delivery Procedures from Online Transactions

What will happen to Amazon's personnel who are delivering our online orders if drones started to do their tasks? The company is planning to embrace the capability of drones to deliver an item coming from fulfillment center to the house of a buyer. A game changer and competitive step for the famous online store to deliver a product in just a matter of few minutes upon buying.

We saw that promotional video of Amazon recently which captured our attention because of capabilities of robots in the near future. Delivery of goods will take us days or even weeks depending in buyer's location in United States. But for the management of Amazon, those drones will break the amount of time need to be spent in delivering a product.

Amazon is Transforming Delivery Procedures from Online Transactions

For now, Fedex as well UPS, the famous contractors of Amazon are now probably thinking of a possible solution when the company decided to pullout some of their delivery services. They are on the middle of another situation that would transform the delivery procedures in the near future.



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