Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Microsoft Officially Revealed Xbox One

For nearly a decade, Microsoft officially revealed the next generation of Xbox 360. Their new gaming console to bump with the upcoming PlayStation 4 and other competing brands in the market. According to ABC News, availability will probably start before the end of 2013, that would be before the Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving Day sales of this year.

In terms of specs, Xbox One is packed with a lot of additional features which are not available on its predecessor. That includes a TV integration, new style of controlling the entire system by the use of voice and body gestures. Aside from that, the newest version of Xbox enable Skype connectivity. An all-in-one gaming station that would exceed to the expectations of players.

Furthermore, Xbox One is powered by an 8-core CPU with 8GB of RAM. A 500GB storage disk, Blu-ray enabled player in a sleek black box design. It is also packed with the new version of Kinect, a more sensitive and responsive upgraded device. For now, pricing is not yet available but they are about to announce it few months or weeks from now.

Microsoft Xbox One Gaming Console

In addition, ABC News noted that the upcoming Xbox One has functionality inspired by Microsoft's Windows 8 computing platform. Its above photo shows a solid black system from overall body to joystick controller. For more, you can try to look around for other news and updates related to this report after the break.



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