Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Website of Mark Zuckerberg Before Facebook

Way back in college, I've been with Angelfire making my own personal webpage. However, that time passes like I do not know the true potential of the web. But not for Mark Zuckerberg, a young billionaire, the man behind of the famous giant social networking site in the world, "Facebook." Despite of some shortcomings, that old platform is capable of running Java applets for some possible dynamic webpages.

According to a reliable source, at the young age of 15, Mark also owned an Angelfire account. A personal webpage with a yellow blinking eye on the middle and welcoming visitors with his infamous tagline. He started building that site from a very simple homepage with links to some dynamic webpages. And he is able to promote his Vader Fader tool for anyone who can reach him online.

First Website of Mark Zuckerberg

With a solid gray background, the personal webpage of Mark was filled with history. A path that gave him a great opportunity to be heard allowing the citizens of the world to get acquainted by his intellectual capability. Compared to his former Angelfire website, Facebook delimits Java applets to work. There might be a few lesson behind were his social networking site continue to promote a conservative way of life online.

And before we can forget, the above screen shot of Mark's Angelfire webpage was taken from its original web platform. Not a Content Management System or CMS but a Yahoo Geocities (official old service of Yahoo) like old platform way in early 2000.



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