Monday, April 8, 2013

California Bans Hands-on GPS on the Road

For people to avoid unwanted road accidents, State of California is banning hands-on GPS just like of using mobile phones while driving. However, most of this applications are actually working in smartphones. It is like having a two different law implemented for the same purpose, the use of handset on the road. Google maps-alike software are popping out of Play Store, Android Market, as well in App Store plus from the fast growing Windows Store.

Downloadable GPS software can easily acquired by anyone who has a smartphone, tablet, or any smart devices. Offered with free services and online connectivity through satellite feeds and cellular network coverage. It is much easier have compare to a set of device with only one purpose (just like of a mountable typical GPS). And to make you safe from road tickets, much better to free your hands from any destructive gadgets while crossing the street of California.

Hands-on GPS

Other states will probably join in the near future in implementing the law of using hands-on GPS. A voice-controlled one for your car could probably help you to avoid obstructions in the future too.



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