Sunday, March 31, 2013

NASA's Super Guppy Transport Carrying Two Supersonic Jets

From California to Texas, NASA's Super Guppy Transport plane were in mission to carry two retiring T-38 supersonic jets. The following photo below shows the complicated procedure of loading a small aircraft through a movable ground carrier. That was taken from Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards which will be taken to El Paso.

Furthermore, the loading process took place from opening the big body of Super Guppy Transport to hauling up two T-38 planes. The giant aircraft is capable of carrying tons of cargo, more than what we can imagine from a typical airbus plane. It was designed to deliver loads that exceeds the limit of cargo plane of Boeing.

NASA Super Guppy Transport

Super Guppy Transport was based at Ellington Airport at the nearby airfield of Johnson Space Center which is also owned by NASA. Few of its previous mission were transporting Apollo program rockets and modules of International Space Station.



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