Sunday, March 31, 2013

Contact Blocking in Skype is Not A Problem Anymore

Upon hearing the newest version of Skype running in Microsoft's Windows 8, we try to gather some of those important updates that could change our perception towards the application. A few improvement includes a more faster connectivity, contact blocking (if anyone annoys you on the line), previous bug fixes and placement of outgoing video. Camera switching in handheld devices is much easier now compared to what we can get from previous version.

Furthermore, reporting an offender has been made easier which is not available before. Skype 1.6 is now available in Windows Store for download (free of any charge). Improvements made the application more reliable for Windows computing environment as well in mobile phones.

We are not endorsing Skype to replace your iMessage, Yahoo Messenger, or any other chat engines available in your machine. However, we just want to share our insights for the rising number of Windows 8 users all over the world. For download and support, you can visit the official website of Skype as well for additional details.

Skype Version 1.6 Screenshot

And before we can forget, most of these new features may also be available in version of Skype running in Apple's iPad and Android powered devices.



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