Sunday, March 31, 2013

Contact Blocking in Skype is Not A Problem Anymore

Upon hearing the newest version of Skype running in Microsoft's Windows 8, we try to gather some of those important updates that could change our perception towards the application. A few improvement includes a more faster connectivity, contact blocking (if anyone annoys you on the line), previous bug fixes and placement of outgoing video. Camera switching in handheld devices is much easier now compared to what we can get from previous version.

Furthermore, reporting an offender has been made easier which is not available before. Skype 1.6 is now available in Windows Store for download (free of any charge). Improvements made the application more reliable for Windows computing environment as well in mobile phones.

We are not endorsing Skype to replace your iMessage, Yahoo Messenger, or any other chat engines available in your machine. However, we just want to share our insights for the rising number of Windows 8 users all over the world. For download and support, you can visit the official website of Skype as well for additional details.

Skype Version 1.6 Screenshot

And before we can forget, most of these new features may also be available in version of Skype running in Apple's iPad and Android powered devices.

NASA's Super Guppy Transport Carrying Two Supersonic Jets

From California to Texas, NASA's Super Guppy Transport plane were in mission to carry two retiring T-38 supersonic jets. The following photo below shows the complicated procedure of loading a small aircraft through a movable ground carrier. That was taken from Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards which will be taken to El Paso.

Furthermore, the loading process took place from opening the big body of Super Guppy Transport to hauling up two T-38 planes. The giant aircraft is capable of carrying tons of cargo, more than what we can imagine from a typical airbus plane. It was designed to deliver loads that exceeds the limit of cargo plane of Boeing.

NASA Super Guppy Transport

Super Guppy Transport was based at Ellington Airport at the nearby airfield of Johnson Space Center which is also owned by NASA. Few of its previous mission were transporting Apollo program rockets and modules of International Space Station.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Razer Edge Pro Windows 8 10.1-Inch Gaming Tablet

The manufacturer is brave enough to change our perception towards a typical slate, right? Razer is maybe the  first company who attempted to bring a gaming tablet in the market as pre-order started to get live recently according to report. However, Edge is powered by Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, a new of its kind with a possible potential to attract anyone in the gaming industry due to its appealing computing environment.

Few days ago, Razer decided to stop taking orders from consumers because of the increasing demand. Despite of its high price, the 10.1-inch Edge is capable of bumping itself to other tablet computers in the market. Compare to regular gaming machine with Windows OS, Edge has a lesser speed but it is packed with 64GB SSD storage and 4GB of RAM. An entry-level for running video games that requires small amount of graphics requirement.

Furthermore, Razer Edge is powered by Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) processor with NVidia GeForce GT640M GPU. It is also designed to support a high-definition (HD) 1366 x 768-pixels display. For a much faster CPU (Intel Core i7) and high-storage capacity (128GB SSD), you can get a more powerful model for about $1,299.00. A cheaper model starts from $999.00 as the base price.

Razer Edge Pro Windows 8 10.1-Inch Gaming Tablet

Available accessories includes a docking station, original keyboard, and detachable joystick control. It has a shortcoming in terms of battery capacity compared to iPad and some Android-powered tablet for it can only stay for about 2 or 3-hours in a single charge. Reviews of Razer Edge (in CNet and The Verge) tablet shows a good performance because probably of underlying Intel technology.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Surface Pro Availability is Coming to China

First of all, it is good to be back here in Cyber Crave. For almost three weeks, I've been waiting for a right time to contribute a few more article before the end of March. However, the first thing that catches my attention recently is a story about the plan of Microsoft to deliver a fresh version of Surface Pro in China. We do not know if they are planning to bump this tablet to other cheapest slates in Asian market. But, it is clear that they are really capable of selling a Windows-powered machine in any possible outlet around the world.

According to our source, aside from China, they are also planning to release Surface Pro in Australia as well in some region in Europe. We are also glad to hear its availability here in Philippines before Samsung and other competing products monopolize our tastes. To own a tablet PC capable of running a typical mass-appealing MS Office and applications might change our perception about Apple's blockbuster iPad as well for Samsung's Galaxy Note and Tab.

Microsoft Surface Pro Convertible Table

Furthermore, reviews of Surface Pro shows a great stuff to experience. And China is the luckiest country to have an official product outlet of Microsoft in Tmall which recently opened for local shoppers. This might be a challenge for them to reach their Asian consumers.