Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tesla Model S App is Now in Google Play Store

Tesla Model S owners can now download the application that works with their cars in Google Play Store. It's for all about the way the entire two systems are built. That software runs in a typical Android-powered device which allow the user to watch and control their vehicle far from their garage. Some of its features are already noted in the car brochures but not the entire technical specs.

Furthermore, through a Tesla Model S app, car owner can remotely control the built-in system of their vehicle. That includes warming and checking its battery charging status. It allows the user to control the charging process by optimizing to the fastest level or to terminate its action. Aside from that, it is also capable of turning on and off the AC system of the car.

Tesla Model S App in Google Play Store

The application is also capable of tracking the Tesla Motor S car through the GPS. It has a visual-map that can give the exact location of the vehicle. Other car capabilities will be unlock by this application as mentioned by our source. Security features could be added without any additional devices. For now, the downloadable app is in beta version but the developer also noted some of its possible glitches.



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