Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newest Version of 3DMark is Now Available for Download

To own a powerful computer for gaming is not simple. Running an application to test our hardware capabilities can remind us to take a risk in buying new sophisticated parts. But of course, to make it more simple, try to use 3DMark from Futuremark Corporation. The newest version of this software is now available for download as noted by our source recently.

It is packed with three different platform or module which is capable of detecting discrepancies in our hardware accelerations. And if you are one of those PC players who wanted to have a smoother platform for your favorite video games, nowadays, 3DMark might be the answer for your possible problem. The Advanced Edition is now available for about $25.00 and for businesses as well for commercial use, the Professional edition is up for about $995.00 per download (or per copy).

Furturemark 3DMark Benchmarking Software

For more, here's a video that will show you how the 3DMark works:

However, the newest version is currently available in Microsoft's Windows operating system only. Macintosh users will probably need to wait for another package few weeks from now.

3DMark works in high-end desktop computers and notebooks as well in tablets. The package includes Fire Strike module for powerful gaming PC and Cloud Gate which is designed to test notebook computers as well for portable machines. And the other one is known as Ice Storm, a module designed for testing tablet PC and typical desktop computers.

The three different benchmarking module are probably designed to work in 3D screens (as well for AMOLED) aside from a typical LCD monitor.

You can visit the official website of Futuremark Corporation for other important details. Reviews of the said product are also available in other technology enthusiasts sites on the line.



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