Monday, February 4, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is Coming to Best Buy Stores

Starting this February 9, 2013, Microsoft will officially announce the availability of Surface Pro in the market. But before of any other retailer in United States, the first wave of tablet will become available in Best Buy. According to our source, they are about to introduce this new line of product somewhere in New York City as well to their official and recognized outlets.

Microsoft's Surface Pro is different from Window RT machines. It is designed to work with Windows 8 and runs on the top of Intel hardware. However, for now, there is no other details that could give us the difference of the two hardware. An RT version is another breed of this machine to run on the top of ARM platform.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Both of these three different tablets from Microsoft are all heaved to Best Buy as well in Staples for about $900.00 each. We do not know the other pricing details yet but the company already brought some of their models in showrooms and way back in CES 2013. In addition to this report, some invited technology enthusiasts are now ready to unlock the mystifying tablet of Microsoft few days from now.

Availability and pre-order of Surface Pro and RT will probably start after the upcoming event. Production of iPad and Galaxy Note competing handheld machine started last month and they are about to surprise us with another most anticipated slate in the market.

But we are asking for a smartphone model of Surface Pro for us to believe that they are capable of bumping their handheld machine in Apple and Samsung.



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