Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LTE Clip for iPad and Android-Powered Tablets

FreedomPop recently announced their new line of product, the LTE Clip. Most of us doesn't know the purpose of this gadget but according to report, the device offers an extra feature for Apple's iPad as well for Android-powered tablets. That is no other than making our machine more powerful by giving a free LTE connectivity.

As we can remember, FreedomPop offers a sleeve for iPhone that could make the older version take advantage of its wireless network. For only $100.00, that accessory is like a mystical device empower non-LTE smartphone to work in another platform. And now, they are making this technology available not only an iOS powered device but also for Android.

FreedomPop LTE Clip

LTE Clip is a plug-and-play device. It doesn't use extra power from built-in battery and could automatically creates a local-area Wi-Fi connectivity. Furthermore, Sprint will be the first carrier in United States to offer its 4G network (for this device) with 500Mb free services starting this June of 2013. This device will work in most available tablet PC including the upcoming Windows RT and Surface.

For now, there is no words for other pricing details but pre-order and availability is up few months from now. Premium services is also available for plans with a much higher corresponding price and for a large amount of data.



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