Friday, February 1, 2013

Largest Smartphone Manufacturer in United States is Apple

Apple is now the toughest contender in smartphone manufacturing in United States and probably, as well in other region of the world. According to recent reports from Strategy Analytic, the company continue to gain despite of the country's downsides. The last quarter of 2012 shows that they are gaining the highest sale and market share over the Korean owned Samsung.

iPhone is really a blockbuster smartphone, earning the tastes of global consumers through its unique and somewhat amazing features. The overall design shows a great small enhancements from its pioneering predecessors in the market but people learn how to love this pints of changes. LG is also following the steps of Apple and Samsung as noted by our source. That put them on the 3rd spot in terms of profitable products.

Sales of Apple in United States

Few months ago, iPhone 5 reached the market along with the smallest version of iPad (7-inch model). That moves of Apple maintains the momentum of their business and continue to overcome the challenging outlets in United States. The favor consumers are still pointing to the signatory and initiative gadget of Steve Jobs. However, way back in 2008, Samsung took over the first spot but not in 2012 nor in 2013.



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