Monday, February 4, 2013

Battery Tune Charging Status Alarm Clock for iPad

If you are asking for any tips on how to protect and prolong the battery life of your iPad, a free application can probably help you to address your need. Battery Tune is one of those promising app with a high quality sound that could inform us about the charging status. This can prevent us to overcharged our device as the tune started to play.

Furthermore, handful of battery life saving tips are just few taps away from us, right? But to know Battery Tune as a remedy, we became more responsible for our machine. This can improve the lifespan of our tablet and its underlying parts aside from its battery. We can secure our connecting wires and charger without leaving our device from the power outlet.

Battery Tune Charging Status App

Just like of any typical iOS apps, Battery Tune is also designed to work in iPhone as well in iPod Touch. Updates is also available from Ready Tap Go, its official developer. It has a multiple page for other tips on how to protect our battery aside from its available feature.

And before we can forget, Battery Tune features a different background themes. It is also working in iOS 6 and newest version of iPad and iPhone.



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