Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apple is Experimenting For Their New Line of Product, A Wristwatch

This new upcoming gadget might be called, iWatch. However, nobody knows the exact plan of Apple without the legendary Steve Jobs, their very own founder. They are probably exploring for another possible stuff that would jive to the tastes of global consumers just like of blockbuster smartphone and tablet computer.

According to report, they are planning to release a new gadget similar to what we seen on futuristic and James Bond-alike films. A wristwatch powered by iOS which is capable of running a typical smartphone capabilities. Furthermore, they are adding a new twist that will captured our attention in the near future. In addition, this gadget is made of a curved glass with a built-in processor and small monitor.

Apple Rumored Wristwatch

For now, nobody can give a complete specs or details about the upcoming device. That increased our excitement and followup research just to know more aside from what we can get from rumors. We also know how hard for those people who are working behind the product to keep their mouth shut before the official release date.

Based in some tech enthusiasts analysis of Apple's future plans, aside from a new version of iPhone and iPad, the upcoming wristwatch is more advance compared to any batter-powered human accessories. And other manufacturers are also keeping an eye for that mystical device.

This may be a clone of iPhone, iPad, as well of iPod Touch, right? A wearable device that will hit the market soon. Pricing details is not yet available but we expect a much cheaper tag compared to Rolex and well-branded watches in jewelry stores.



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