Friday, February 8, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S is Coming, Showed Out in China

A new version of iPhone is one of the most anticipated smartphone of this year. Just like of Samsung Galaxy S, some people are talking about this handset far from what we know. According to the latest report, the next generation is much wider, thinner, and filled with numerous improvements. However, we heard nothing about it from Apple.

There might be a two different models to come in 2013, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. A more powerful version with Cortex A7 multi-core processor. Furthermore, a Chinese owned website recently claimed that these next handsets are landed to Apple's China supplier and the 5S model is now in production. In terms of specs, it is slimmer compared to what we can get in store nowadays.

We expect a much wider version because just like of the 5th generation, Apple is making their handset to be an iPad-like ultra-portable machine. This might come with the newest version of iOS, filled with exciting services and hot fixes. Currently, Google Map is not working well in the current version of iOS.

Rumored Apple iPhone 5S Photo

They officially removed some of third party software coming from the search engine giant and we expect a wide range of services other than relying from what we can get in iCloud, Facetime, and i-things. Rumors continue to grow but our source noted that this new version of iPhone will probably hit the market by the second or third quarter of this year.

And before we can forget, the above photo is not official and we just grab it from one of reliable source on the line.



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