Tuesday, February 12, 2013

USB 3.0 Express RC4 Flash Drive from Super Talent

Super Talent introduces their very own USB 3.0 Express RC4 intended for Windows To Go, a Windows 8 Enterprise Edition OS. It is a certified accessory exclusive for a Microsoft-made platform. For now, there is no words for a Macintosh or alike version but we also expect a platform-independent version soon. A more cheaper flash drive that will work in a faster data transfer rate.

Furthermore, USB 3.0 Express RC4 is also packed with a security-enabled feature just like in other brands. They are also planning to release a compatible model to any types of computers soon with similar specs. This will become available in 32GB, 64GB as well in 128GB with a price ranging from $75.00 to $280.00. It is also compatible with USB 2.0, the most widely used computer ports nowadays.

This new version of Express RC4 flash drive is packed with a high-performance but with a low-power bridge controller (JMicron SSD). It has a maximum of 240MB/s reading and 100MB/s writing speeds, slightly similar to what we can experience from a typical SSD drives in the market. Pre-order is now available but expect a more cheaper price as competing manufacturers introduces their own models soon.

Apple is Experimenting For Their New Line of Product, A Wristwatch

This new upcoming gadget might be called, iWatch. However, nobody knows the exact plan of Apple without the legendary Steve Jobs, their very own founder. They are probably exploring for another possible stuff that would jive to the tastes of global consumers just like of blockbuster smartphone and tablet computer.

According to report, they are planning to release a new gadget similar to what we seen on futuristic and James Bond-alike films. A wristwatch powered by iOS which is capable of running a typical smartphone capabilities. Furthermore, they are adding a new twist that will captured our attention in the near future. In addition, this gadget is made of a curved glass with a built-in processor and small monitor.

Apple Rumored Wristwatch

For now, nobody can give a complete specs or details about the upcoming device. That increased our excitement and followup research just to know more aside from what we can get from rumors. We also know how hard for those people who are working behind the product to keep their mouth shut before the official release date.

Based in some tech enthusiasts analysis of Apple's future plans, aside from a new version of iPhone and iPad, the upcoming wristwatch is more advance compared to any batter-powered human accessories. And other manufacturers are also keeping an eye for that mystical device.

This may be a clone of iPhone, iPad, as well of iPod Touch, right? A wearable device that will hit the market soon. Pricing details is not yet available but we expect a much cheaper tag compared to Rolex and well-branded watches in jewelry stores.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charger is Now Available

You can visit Google Play Store to own a Nexus 4 Wireless Charger for about $60.00 only. The company recently introduced its availability in United States consumers as well to its neighboring countries. We are anticipating some of their products but as we try to look around recently, we've been stunned by the orb that really captured our attention.

Few weeks ago, we heard that Google is really developing a new line of gadgets but we heard nothing from their plan to bring out a Nexus 4 accessory. LG users can now take advantage its unique features and design as it was exclusively distributed under their brands. We also thought that this device continue to deteriorate but far from what we expect, the search giant is really for a new possible support.

LG continue to bump their product with other smartphone manufacturer. And nowadays, Google is also working for the success of their own line and business partner. The T-Mobile model of Nexus 4 is probably following the footsteps of LG as they coupled their handset with a wireless charger soon. This could surprised their consumers as cheaper models continue to rise from their stores.

Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charger

In terms of specs and features, the wireless charging station possess a similar feature with Nexus Q. A similar hardware coupled with a different brand name. Availability in other continent will probably hit the global market following its appearances in U.S. based store.

Microsoft Xbox 720, Code Name: Durango

Microsoft is probably working for the final build of the most anticipated gaming console to hit the market by this 2013 aside from the fourth generation of PlayStation. Last year, we heard that they are planning to introduce us to another concept or view of playing but everything remains a mystery for most of us who are currently waiting for its complete specs to rise.

According to the latest reports, Xbox 720 is a mystifying device with a code name, "Durango." Video game enthusiast sites are currently working to discover a single strand of reliable news coming from Microsoft that will confirmed the story behind it. Game developers may be the first people to know the exact details about the new generation of Xbox but nobody from consumers until its official release date.

Xbox 720 with Code Name Durango

Specs of Xbox 720 will just probably hit the line after Microsoft decided to revealed everything we need. And this might be packed with Kinect unlike of what we can choose from its predecessor in the market. A much better fully enhanced version with a wide variety of functionality. FCC is also waiting for this product to rise to secure the safety of every consumers but for now, we heard nothing from them yet.

Aside from those common issue coming from gaming sources, Xbox 720 is probably taking advantage the power of cloud computing as the industry continue to embrace its storage capability. Hopefully, these few tips can help you to determine the smallest feature you are trying to figure out from the gaming console.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S is Coming, Showed Out in China

A new version of iPhone is one of the most anticipated smartphone of this year. Just like of Samsung Galaxy S, some people are talking about this handset far from what we know. According to the latest report, the next generation is much wider, thinner, and filled with numerous improvements. However, we heard nothing about it from Apple.

There might be a two different models to come in 2013, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. A more powerful version with Cortex A7 multi-core processor. Furthermore, a Chinese owned website recently claimed that these next handsets are landed to Apple's China supplier and the 5S model is now in production. In terms of specs, it is slimmer compared to what we can get in store nowadays.

We expect a much wider version because just like of the 5th generation, Apple is making their handset to be an iPad-like ultra-portable machine. This might come with the newest version of iOS, filled with exciting services and hot fixes. Currently, Google Map is not working well in the current version of iOS.

Rumored Apple iPhone 5S Photo

They officially removed some of third party software coming from the search engine giant and we expect a wide range of services other than relying from what we can get in iCloud, Facetime, and i-things. Rumors continue to grow but our source noted that this new version of iPhone will probably hit the market by the second or third quarter of this year.

And before we can forget, the above photo is not official and we just grab it from one of reliable source on the line.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV is Coming this March of 2013

One of another most anticipated smartphone for this year is the new series of Samsung Galaxy S. We heard that the company is really planning to sell a fourth generation of Android-powered phone in the first quarter of 2013. According to reports, the Korean manufacturer will probably announce its availability by the month of March or April. However, consumers are currently waiting for a much tougher model, with a more advance features compared to its predecessors in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV is quite far from what we expect to come this January. We hear nothing about the specs of the upcoming version but just like its other breeds, the handset may be filled with a lot of surprising features. And our source noted that its manufacturer is about to revealed its details a couple of months from now.

Few weeks from now, the upcoming World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain may give us a complete specs of Galaxy S IV. This might come to European stores first before hitting the other markets in all over the world. In addition to this, availability will probably start a month after of its public appearances. And speculations increased our excitement to hear this stuff.

On the other hand, Apple is also working for another version of iPhone in 2013. That would be a different story but this could really happen by the second or third quarter. Pricing details is not yet available and you can join us as we continue to follow the other related reports for Galaxy S and iPhone after of this break.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newest Version of 3DMark is Now Available for Download

To own a powerful computer for gaming is not simple. Running an application to test our hardware capabilities can remind us to take a risk in buying new sophisticated parts. But of course, to make it more simple, try to use 3DMark from Futuremark Corporation. The newest version of this software is now available for download as noted by our source recently.

It is packed with three different platform or module which is capable of detecting discrepancies in our hardware accelerations. And if you are one of those PC players who wanted to have a smoother platform for your favorite video games, nowadays, 3DMark might be the answer for your possible problem. The Advanced Edition is now available for about $25.00 and for businesses as well for commercial use, the Professional edition is up for about $995.00 per download (or per copy).

Furturemark 3DMark Benchmarking Software

For more, here's a video that will show you how the 3DMark works:

However, the newest version is currently available in Microsoft's Windows operating system only. Macintosh users will probably need to wait for another package few weeks from now.

3DMark works in high-end desktop computers and notebooks as well in tablets. The package includes Fire Strike module for powerful gaming PC and Cloud Gate which is designed to test notebook computers as well for portable machines. And the other one is known as Ice Storm, a module designed for testing tablet PC and typical desktop computers.

The three different benchmarking module are probably designed to work in 3D screens (as well for AMOLED) aside from a typical LCD monitor.

You can visit the official website of Futuremark Corporation for other important details. Reviews of the said product are also available in other technology enthusiasts sites on the line.

LTE Clip for iPad and Android-Powered Tablets

FreedomPop recently announced their new line of product, the LTE Clip. Most of us doesn't know the purpose of this gadget but according to report, the device offers an extra feature for Apple's iPad as well for Android-powered tablets. That is no other than making our machine more powerful by giving a free LTE connectivity.

As we can remember, FreedomPop offers a sleeve for iPhone that could make the older version take advantage of its wireless network. For only $100.00, that accessory is like a mystical device empower non-LTE smartphone to work in another platform. And now, they are making this technology available not only an iOS powered device but also for Android.

FreedomPop LTE Clip

LTE Clip is a plug-and-play device. It doesn't use extra power from built-in battery and could automatically creates a local-area Wi-Fi connectivity. Furthermore, Sprint will be the first carrier in United States to offer its 4G network (for this device) with 500Mb free services starting this June of 2013. This device will work in most available tablet PC including the upcoming Windows RT and Surface.

For now, there is no words for other pricing details but pre-order and availability is up few months from now. Premium services is also available for plans with a much higher corresponding price and for a large amount of data.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Battery Tune Charging Status Alarm Clock for iPad

If you are asking for any tips on how to protect and prolong the battery life of your iPad, a free application can probably help you to address your need. Battery Tune is one of those promising app with a high quality sound that could inform us about the charging status. This can prevent us to overcharged our device as the tune started to play.

Furthermore, handful of battery life saving tips are just few taps away from us, right? But to know Battery Tune as a remedy, we became more responsible for our machine. This can improve the lifespan of our tablet and its underlying parts aside from its battery. We can secure our connecting wires and charger without leaving our device from the power outlet.

Battery Tune Charging Status App

Just like of any typical iOS apps, Battery Tune is also designed to work in iPhone as well in iPod Touch. Updates is also available from Ready Tap Go, its official developer. It has a multiple page for other tips on how to protect our battery aside from its available feature.

And before we can forget, Battery Tune features a different background themes. It is also working in iOS 6 and newest version of iPad and iPhone.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is Coming to Best Buy Stores

Starting this February 9, 2013, Microsoft will officially announce the availability of Surface Pro in the market. But before of any other retailer in United States, the first wave of tablet will become available in Best Buy. According to our source, they are about to introduce this new line of product somewhere in New York City as well to their official and recognized outlets.

Microsoft's Surface Pro is different from Window RT machines. It is designed to work with Windows 8 and runs on the top of Intel hardware. However, for now, there is no other details that could give us the difference of the two hardware. An RT version is another breed of this machine to run on the top of ARM platform.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Both of these three different tablets from Microsoft are all heaved to Best Buy as well in Staples for about $900.00 each. We do not know the other pricing details yet but the company already brought some of their models in showrooms and way back in CES 2013. In addition to this report, some invited technology enthusiasts are now ready to unlock the mystifying tablet of Microsoft few days from now.

Availability and pre-order of Surface Pro and RT will probably start after the upcoming event. Production of iPad and Galaxy Note competing handheld machine started last month and they are about to surprise us with another most anticipated slate in the market.

But we are asking for a smartphone model of Surface Pro for us to believe that they are capable of bumping their handheld machine in Apple and Samsung.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tesla Model S App is Now in Google Play Store

Tesla Model S owners can now download the application that works with their cars in Google Play Store. It's for all about the way the entire two systems are built. That software runs in a typical Android-powered device which allow the user to watch and control their vehicle far from their garage. Some of its features are already noted in the car brochures but not the entire technical specs.

Furthermore, through a Tesla Model S app, car owner can remotely control the built-in system of their vehicle. That includes warming and checking its battery charging status. It allows the user to control the charging process by optimizing to the fastest level or to terminate its action. Aside from that, it is also capable of turning on and off the AC system of the car.

Tesla Model S App in Google Play Store

The application is also capable of tracking the Tesla Motor S car through the GPS. It has a visual-map that can give the exact location of the vehicle. Other car capabilities will be unlock by this application as mentioned by our source. Security features could be added without any additional devices. For now, the downloadable app is in beta version but the developer also noted some of its possible glitches.

Qaher F-313 Advance Military Fighter Jet from Iran

Iran's local television recently announced Qaher F-313 or also known as Dominant F-313, a new state-of-the-art fighter jet of the country. Probably, other world government are now following the next possible moves of this nation after knowing their radar undetectable plane. There is no official details about the technology used on this aircraft but Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad noted in live coverage of its ceremony that it is fully equipped with scientific advances.

There is no technical details about the Qaher F-313 for now but according to report, it is a fighter bomber packed with a surprising features to others.

Qaher F-313 Advance Military Fighter Jet

Here's the statement of Ahmad Vahidi, the country's Defense Minister towards the aircraft:
"Qaher is a fully indigenous aircraft designed and built by our aerospace experts. This is a radar-evading plane that can fly at low altitude, carry weapons, engage enemy aircrafts and land at short airstrips."
Technically speaking, nowadays, Iran is capable of producing a more advance fighter jets far from what we know aside from tanks, military drones, and even torpedoes.

Furthermore, other reports tells us that they are also contracting domestic companies for their technology and designs. They are also connected to some international contractors who are building their aircraft and military weapons.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Largest Smartphone Manufacturer in United States is Apple

Apple is now the toughest contender in smartphone manufacturing in United States and probably, as well in other region of the world. According to recent reports from Strategy Analytic, the company continue to gain despite of the country's downsides. The last quarter of 2012 shows that they are gaining the highest sale and market share over the Korean owned Samsung.

iPhone is really a blockbuster smartphone, earning the tastes of global consumers through its unique and somewhat amazing features. The overall design shows a great small enhancements from its pioneering predecessors in the market but people learn how to love this pints of changes. LG is also following the steps of Apple and Samsung as noted by our source. That put them on the 3rd spot in terms of profitable products.

Sales of Apple in United States

Few months ago, iPhone 5 reached the market along with the smallest version of iPad (7-inch model). That moves of Apple maintains the momentum of their business and continue to overcome the challenging outlets in United States. The favor consumers are still pointing to the signatory and initiative gadget of Steve Jobs. However, way back in 2008, Samsung took over the first spot but not in 2012 nor in 2013.