Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tips on How To Synchronize Your Calendar in Smartphone

If you are an Android or iOS fanatic, you probably choose to take advantage the power of your smartphone before our device can take over our nature, right? And of course, by doing a few tweaks, you can learn how to rely and be inspired of what you have in your time. Synchronizing your calendars from Google or Yahoo account is one of the first easiest step that you can make.

Becky Worley of "Upgrade Your Life" shares a few tips that can really change the way we work with our smartphone. It is possible in iPhone or any Android-powered handset. For Google Calendar, you need to supply an active account which will be used by your phone in synchronizing your content. Just look for Sync Calendar from the Setting and there you go.

Synchronizing Yahoo and Google Calendar in iPhone

And for Yahoo Calendar, you can use an Android phone and active account through a different settings. Using your handset, add your Yahoo credentials in the calendar. There are some other option but for a free and a fully tested steps, learn how to explore the environment of your built-in applications. We can synchronize our mail and contacts from Yahoo aside from the calendar.

Synchronizing Yahoo and Google Calendar in iPhone
(Photo Credit: Business Insider)

In iPhone, it is quite obvious that most of Apple application are designed to work with online services. It is possible for iCloud, Yahoo and Google calendar as well mails are all supported by iOS platform. We heard this stuff from reviews but we are just giving this few and short tips for us not to be overpowered by our smartphone.



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