Saturday, January 5, 2013

T-Mobile Monthly 4G to Offer Unlimited Data for $70

If you are a T-Mobile Monthly 4G subscriber, the network provider will offer a new twist for their service starting this January 9, 2013. According to report, they are about to launch their unlimited data plan for only $70.00. That is already reasonable for 5GB of data coming from their 4G network and will only drop to 3G upon reaching your maximum size.

Furthermore, smartphone users who are capable of accessing a 4G network can now enjoy the newest platform and data transfer rate. Unlimited text messaging and calls are also available as noted by our source and this is not limited for consumers who are turning their plan this first quarter of 2013. You can visit the official website of T-Mobile for other related details and helpful information about their upcoming promo.

And before we can forget, T-Mobile also offers a few smartphone which are capable of accessing their 4G network services but only limited to prepaid users. That includes Samsung Galaxy S II, Blaze, Exhibit, and LG Optimus L9 phones. This promo is also available in Wal-Mart.

T-Mobile Monthly 4G Promo

Reviews T-Mobile Monthly 4G services tells us a few shortcomings but with a promising impact to some of their United States users. Compared to broadband connections, we can say that ultra-portable device can really make a difference if it is running with 4G connectivity.



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