Thursday, January 3, 2013

Samsung is Planning to Release Tizen Phone

We do not now the exact plan of Samsung for this year in there blockbuster Galaxy S and Note if there will be an incoming new versions. However, according to a latest report coming from the company, they are about to introduce a new line of smartphone, the Tizen model. A series of this handset is coming as noted by Bloomberg Business Week recently.

Furthermore, we heard this plan few months ago but no one from Samsung confirmed this story in 2012. And now, reviving this rumor can give us a much clearer view of Tizen handset. This might be added to the line of Android-powered phone or another streamline of a new era of ultra-portable device.

As we try to look around recently for any possible photo of Tizen phone, we failed to catch at least one dummy or conceptual model yet. But you can join us as we continue to follow the other related story in this report after of this break.


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