Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ruby Wine and Amber Brown Themed Galaxy Note II

If you are already bored of your typical Galaxy Note II design, wait for a couple of months or three to catch the upcoming new accessories that will make a twist in your style. According to report, a red as well brown themed model is coming but this might come first to South Korea before the other outlets of Samsung smartphones.

Blog of Mobile magazine spotted by a Japanese website gave a detailed clue about the said variant of color for Galaxy Note. As we can remember, Galaxy S users are now enjoying the variety of cover colors they can pick in any stores. A black themed model for Note is already available but it is just a complimentary version for the craving costumers.

Red and Brown Themed Samsung Galaxy Note II

Furthermore, these Galaxy Note themes will be called Ruby Wine and Amber Brown. It doesn't show a deep color of red and brown but it is already good to hear that Samsung is also reinventing their style for the new year, right?

For now, there is no official statement from the company to clarify this report but a handful of photos in our source shows a strong indication of these new model of Galaxy Note II.



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