Thursday, January 10, 2013

New User Interface of Kindle Touch and Parental Control

Amazon is making a new twist on their very own Kindle Touch but not on Fire yet. According to report, a new user interface is now available with a lot more playable features. The company is updating the entire device by adding a few beneficial properties that could help parents to limit the usage of their children. It has a strict parental control for web browsing and monitoring.

Furthermore, the new model of Kindle Touch is also packed with Whispersync intended for Voice which is capable of sharing text versions of books and audio bookmarks. Aside from that, Amazon enhanced the device shopping feature by recommending contents to users. And it is also added with graphic novel as well comic navigation for opening files in multiple panels.

New User Interface of Kindle Touch

There is no changes on its original specs but the changes is only available for its operating system and applications.

For those who would like to get these features from Kindle Touch, you can visit the official website of Amazon intended for their line of device update instruction. Take a look around for other healthy tips and reviews for you to optimize your gadget on its purpose.



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