Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013 Weekend Review

In Cyber Crave, we started this year with a good faith to share and deliver the coolest reports from all over the planet. And we started from iOS 6 glitch which is the uncommon problem of any iPhone users as the year shifts. While dealing with other related reports to Apple, we found out that Samsung is planning to release a Ruby Wine and Amber Brown Galaxy Note II models in 2013.

Samsung is getting more competitive as they introduced Evolution Kit for Smart TV. This device are designed to work on their own line of products. And we heard that they are also planning to release Tizen handset by this year. A new line of product coming from the maker of blockbuster Galaxy S smartphone.

On the other side, Kindle Fire received a treatment from WatchESPN app which is now available in Amazon AppStore for download. The application is totally for free but users need to subscribe from ESPN services for their live streaming access.

It is not too late for Apple to introduce the new version of iPhone in 2013. As early of January, a report coming from The Next Web shows that they are planning to release a new model with iOS 7. And Asus brought out a Nexus 7 original docking station, a specialized device to enhance user's experience on their tablet.

We also spotted a few tips on how to synchronize Yahoo and Google accounts calendars in iOS and Android smartphones. This can help us to break the barriers of online transactions and portable devices aside from a typical e-mail synchronization.

And few hours ago, RCA will be joining the market of Android tablet by introducing their very own DMT580D Mobile TV packed with Dyle. A more cheaper slate with a built-in antenna and capable of shifting from analog to digital sources.

In the world of gaming, few hours ago, we discover the plan of Roccat to introduce their very own mechanical keyboard. It has a two LEDs mounted at the back portion of keys that illuminates the entire device. And before we can forget, AT&T is expanding their 4G LTE network services in some places in Michigan.



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