Friday, January 11, 2013

Google Chrome is Added with MathML Support

Capturing the structure as well content of Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is not a problem anymore in the newest version of Google Chrome. According to report, it is now available for download for PC as well for Android and iOS powered devices. We heard that they are planning to deliver a more faster browser with HTML 5 full support and other new features.

Furthermore, updates for Flash is now available and bug fixes that could change the way we work in the future version of Google Chrome browser. The company proclaimed that this version is now the toughest software in browsing the Internet nowadays, a reliable and has a user-friendly environment compared to others.

Google Chrome MathML Support

While developers of Safari in Apple, Internet Explorer, and Opera are on their way for a spectacular features, Chrome is rushing for advance features. It is now possible for users to search the omnibox from the browser bookmarked page.

But what we are trying to emphasize here is the support of the new Google Chrome to MathML for us to work on XML in defining some mathematical notations and symbols.



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