Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Evolution Kit for Samsung Smart TV is Coming

We know that Samsung is a game changer in television industry as well in LCD display manufacturing. They are the first company who decided to implement the typical features of smart devices on their products. And again, they are giving us a reason to rely from their technology. After releasing a series of Smart TV last year, Samsung was scheduled to showcase an Evolution Kit for their product.

This might be a series of new tools that we can grab from any appliance stores. An add-on for Smart TV that can give an extra features next to what we can do with this type of device. According to report, they are planning to introduce Evolution Kit in the upcoming CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, a great way for us to know more aside from specs posted in their online portals.

Samsung Evolution Kit for Smart TV

Furthermore, Samsung Evolution Kit for Smart TV is an upgrade for motion sensor as well in voice recognition feature. It has its own processor to accommodate the multitasking gesture of the user. For now, using a wireless microphone to communicate in our device will be added with capabilities which is much better than its previous functionality.

In addition to this report, a new version of Smart Hub is coming this year. Additional menus has been added to extend its features and accessibility. Pricing for Evolution Kit is much cheaper compared to a brand new television as noted by our source. And through the upcoming add-on, they are extending their services aside from what we can get from a typical Smart TV nowadays.

Reviews and other important details related to Smart TV are also available on some technology enthusiasts sites for you to counter-check your concerns and unclear issues. Before we can forget, availability of this kit will probably start by the first quarter of this year.



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