Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Do Not Disturb Mode Discovered Glitch of iOS 6

The "Do Not Disturb" mode of iOS allows an iPhone user to put their handset to a silent state. Calls and alerts will be turned off automatically without personally changing the profile settings. The status bar shows a "moon" icon to notify the user about the selected mode. You can set a schedule to enable the feature and changes its own way of handling the device.

According to report, a glitch has been found recently about this mode. A user reported a flaw related to some previous issue in iOS 6. Probably, this problem is uncommon to the newest platform of Apple and the device doesn't really work for the latest updates. Furthermore, a reliable source noted that some problem in "Do Not Disturb" mode affects an ongoing calls and alerts even out of schedule.

Do Not Disturb Mode of iOS

In addition to this, the problem rises in every new year's day. This might caused by failure of device to change the exact date in the year. If you are relying to your iPhone or iPad for your alarms, try to check the status of your device for 2013 transactions.



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