Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apple is Now Working for a New iPhone in 2013

Apple's iPhone 5 is currently in the spotlight of smartphone stores all over the world. We can say it because as we talk about this handset, we are flooded with comments coming from our followers in Twitter as well in Facebook. Lots of people are still expecting to hand at least one or even just an old model because probably of its amazing features and capabilities which are not available from other mobile phones.

According to reports, a new version of iPhone is coming in 2013 and Apple is currently working for its hardware. However, nobody from the company confirmed this story, a myth or another rumor that can attract thousands or even millions of craving consumers. Furthermore, this model is now the 6th generation of iPhone and will come with iOS 7.

In addition to this, The Next Web has been informed by its application developers for them to share their reference for a new hardware and iOS 7 operating system series of test in terms of compatibility. And they are probably planning to release iPhone 6 by the second quarter of this year as noted by our source without a clear details coming from Apple.

Apple Assembly Line in China

We also heard that Apple developers are already working for the new version of iOS but not in a new iPhone yet. And we are also expecting a true and actual stuff before a tricky rumors. Handful of photos coming from the middle of nowhere are all misleading but we are here to share those info after a thorough research and prior readings.

Join us as we continue our quests to follow the next version of iPhone as well its underlying capabilities and features soon after of this break.



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