Saturday, January 26, 2013

al-Shabaab's Twitter Account Has Been Suspended

For a very clear reason, Twitter officially removed the account of al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based and in English language passport. According to report, the owner was an insurgents linked to al-Qaeda which recently posted a photo of a French agent they killed as well for threatening the lives of Kenyan hostages. And their other active account are still available in Somali and Arabic language.

Furthermore, the al-Shabaab also posted the video of those Kenyan nationals which remains at their hands as a hostage. The group also noted that they killed the French agent because of failure in bidding. And in exchange of the Kenyans, they would like the government of Nairobi to release their members and to pull out the terrorism charges against them.

al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia

Typically, Twitter can suspend a certain account if someone violated their policies. However, the group already gain an about 20-thousand followers that includes agents from FBI and government forces spies. Last year, the group taunted the Kenyans after their attack in the southern part of Somalia. This might be the reason why they held their enemies in exchange of their pledge.



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