Saturday, January 26, 2013

al-Shabaab's Twitter Account Has Been Suspended

For a very clear reason, Twitter officially removed the account of al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based and in English language passport. According to report, the owner was an insurgents linked to al-Qaeda which recently posted a photo of a French agent they killed as well for threatening the lives of Kenyan hostages. And their other active account are still available in Somali and Arabic language.

Furthermore, the al-Shabaab also posted the video of those Kenyan nationals which remains at their hands as a hostage. The group also noted that they killed the French agent because of failure in bidding. And in exchange of the Kenyans, they would like the government of Nairobi to release their members and to pull out the terrorism charges against them.

al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia

Typically, Twitter can suspend a certain account if someone violated their policies. However, the group already gain an about 20-thousand followers that includes agents from FBI and government forces spies. Last year, the group taunted the Kenyans after their attack in the southern part of Somalia. This might be the reason why they held their enemies in exchange of their pledge.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Google Chrome is Added with MathML Support

Capturing the structure as well content of Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is not a problem anymore in the newest version of Google Chrome. According to report, it is now available for download for PC as well for Android and iOS powered devices. We heard that they are planning to deliver a more faster browser with HTML 5 full support and other new features.

Furthermore, updates for Flash is now available and bug fixes that could change the way we work in the future version of Google Chrome browser. The company proclaimed that this version is now the toughest software in browsing the Internet nowadays, a reliable and has a user-friendly environment compared to others.

Google Chrome MathML Support

While developers of Safari in Apple, Internet Explorer, and Opera are on their way for a spectacular features, Chrome is rushing for advance features. It is now possible for users to search the omnibox from the browser bookmarked page.

But what we are trying to emphasize here is the support of the new Google Chrome to MathML for us to work on XML in defining some mathematical notations and symbols.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus with Dual-Core 1.2GHz CPU

Last October of 2012, we heard that Samsung Galaxy S II Plus is packed with 1.5GHz dual-core technology. However, that report remains a mystery for us because we found no other evidence aside from a 1.2GHz-powered model this January. The company recently unveiled the new version that changed our perception towards the smartphone.

According to our source, this Galaxy S II Plus got a Super AMOLED display with a 1GB of RAM. And guess what, just like of the newest smartphone in the market, it is also packed with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean mobile operating system. It has a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera and 2-megapixel in front. A 8GB of built-in storage and a maximum of 64GB of MicroSD support.

New Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Model

In terms of connectivity, Galaxy S II Plus is designed to work on HSPA+ series of bands. With a typical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth underlying features aside from a cellular supports. This might be a 3G or 4G-enabled handset just like of what we can get from iPhone and Galaxy S III.

Pricing details and other specs are now available in some recognized outlets of Samsung as well on their official website but no words for its availability in United States as well in other neighboring countries. Reviews and hands-on video of Galaxy S II Plus is also available in other technology enthusiasts sites.

New User Interface of Kindle Touch and Parental Control

Amazon is making a new twist on their very own Kindle Touch but not on Fire yet. According to report, a new user interface is now available with a lot more playable features. The company is updating the entire device by adding a few beneficial properties that could help parents to limit the usage of their children. It has a strict parental control for web browsing and monitoring.

Furthermore, the new model of Kindle Touch is also packed with Whispersync intended for Voice which is capable of sharing text versions of books and audio bookmarks. Aside from that, Amazon enhanced the device shopping feature by recommending contents to users. And it is also added with graphic novel as well comic navigation for opening files in multiple panels.

New User Interface of Kindle Touch

There is no changes on its original specs but the changes is only available for its operating system and applications.

For those who would like to get these features from Kindle Touch, you can visit the official website of Amazon intended for their line of device update instruction. Take a look around for other healthy tips and reviews for you to optimize your gadget on its purpose.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Huawei Ascend Mate 6.1-Inch Smartphone is Coming

The ongoing CES event in Las Vegas brought out a lot of surprising gadgets to hit the market this 2013. Huawei Ascend Mate is one of those spectacular smartphone with a much bigger size compared to the new model of iPhone and some Samsung handsets. However, according to report, it has a much longer battery life while having a 6.1-inch wide display.

In the other side, Panasonic brought out their very own 20-inch tablet that doubled the size of iPad and Galaxy Tab. It is slightly smaller compared to some television set packed with high-definition (HD) underlying technology. And most of those new line of products coming from the same manufacturers are getting more bigger and wider.

Huawei Ascend Mate 6.1-Inch Smartphone

Huawei Ascend Mate has a built-in 8-megapixel camera with Dolby Surround Sound audio technology. It is also a water resistant device with a promising speed. Specs and other important details related to this report is up as we follow the hands-on reviews coming from technology enthusiasts who are now in the said event. Right now, our perceptions towards a 4.1-inch sized smartphone is changing.

Samsung's Exynos 5 Octa 8-Core Processor

The CES 2013 becomes a great event for manufacturers to showcase their upcoming new line of products. Surprising gadgets started to rise rumors to reality. Samsung recently revealed their upcoming new version of processor, the Exynos 5 Octa. An 8-core chip but a little bigger compared to its other pioneering breeds in mobile devices.

On the other side, NVidia recently unveiled their own Tegra 4 CPU but compared to Exynos 5 Octa, both of the two devices are designed to work in ultra-portable and compacted packages. In terms of processing power, Samsung is leading the technology of others even from the line of RIM. According to report, Exynos has been designed to met the standard of playing high quality video and more.

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 8-Core CPU

Furthermore, the size of Exynos is bigger compared to other mobile processors. It is probably because of the dual combination of four cores that need an extra packaging. We heard this CPU before from Samsung's smartphones and tablet computers. And to think of a more powerful platform in the future, this new breed is a game changing one.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

T-Mobile Monthly 4G to Offer Unlimited Data for $70

If you are a T-Mobile Monthly 4G subscriber, the network provider will offer a new twist for their service starting this January 9, 2013. According to report, they are about to launch their unlimited data plan for only $70.00. That is already reasonable for 5GB of data coming from their 4G network and will only drop to 3G upon reaching your maximum size.

Furthermore, smartphone users who are capable of accessing a 4G network can now enjoy the newest platform and data transfer rate. Unlimited text messaging and calls are also available as noted by our source and this is not limited for consumers who are turning their plan this first quarter of 2013. You can visit the official website of T-Mobile for other related details and helpful information about their upcoming promo.

And before we can forget, T-Mobile also offers a few smartphone which are capable of accessing their 4G network services but only limited to prepaid users. That includes Samsung Galaxy S II, Blaze, Exhibit, and LG Optimus L9 phones. This promo is also available in Wal-Mart.

T-Mobile Monthly 4G Promo

Reviews T-Mobile Monthly 4G services tells us a few shortcomings but with a promising impact to some of their United States users. Compared to broadband connections, we can say that ultra-portable device can really make a difference if it is running with 4G connectivity.

Refurbished Apple MacBook Pro is Now Available

We heard that Apple is planning to release a 15-inch MacBook Pro way back in October of 2012. A new series of Intel Core i5-powered machine with their newest Retina Display technology. According to report, it is now available for about $1,870.00 for Core i7 (quad-core) model that runs in 2.3GHz processing speed. However, pricing is only good for a refurbished model and it is more cheaper compared to what we can get from Apple store nowadays.

Furthermore, availability of this 15-inch model of MacBook Pro is only limited for their available supply in United States. Probably, in other countries, we can find a few other second-hand model which is also cheaper compared to its original price tag. But if you are planning to receive a big discount, this might be the right time for you to shop.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

The available 15-inch MacBook Pro is also packed with 8GB of RAM with 256GB SSD storage. Other specs are now available in the official website of the company as well on their local web portal. Remember, it is only limited to the number of customers who can avail the discounted machine.

January 5, 2013 Weekend Review

In Cyber Crave, we started this year with a good faith to share and deliver the coolest reports from all over the planet. And we started from iOS 6 glitch which is the uncommon problem of any iPhone users as the year shifts. While dealing with other related reports to Apple, we found out that Samsung is planning to release a Ruby Wine and Amber Brown Galaxy Note II models in 2013.

Samsung is getting more competitive as they introduced Evolution Kit for Smart TV. This device are designed to work on their own line of products. And we heard that they are also planning to release Tizen handset by this year. A new line of product coming from the maker of blockbuster Galaxy S smartphone.

On the other side, Kindle Fire received a treatment from WatchESPN app which is now available in Amazon AppStore for download. The application is totally for free but users need to subscribe from ESPN services for their live streaming access.

It is not too late for Apple to introduce the new version of iPhone in 2013. As early of January, a report coming from The Next Web shows that they are planning to release a new model with iOS 7. And Asus brought out a Nexus 7 original docking station, a specialized device to enhance user's experience on their tablet.

We also spotted a few tips on how to synchronize Yahoo and Google accounts calendars in iOS and Android smartphones. This can help us to break the barriers of online transactions and portable devices aside from a typical e-mail synchronization.

And few hours ago, RCA will be joining the market of Android tablet by introducing their very own DMT580D Mobile TV packed with Dyle. A more cheaper slate with a built-in antenna and capable of shifting from analog to digital sources.

In the world of gaming, few hours ago, we discover the plan of Roccat to introduce their very own mechanical keyboard. It has a two LEDs mounted at the back portion of keys that illuminates the entire device. And before we can forget, AT&T is expanding their 4G LTE network services in some places in Michigan.

AT&T is Extending Their 4G LTE Services in Michigan

The company extends their 4G LTE services in about six different location in Michigan. According to report, they adding a more wider coverage because probably of the rising number of consumers. They are expanding not only in this place in United States but also in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Green Bay, and Phoenix as well in Tucson and Springfield. The AT&T is now boosting their services in the country and they are planning to reached the other side soon.

Furthermore, Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center also received a 4G LTE treatment of the network provider. A new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) has been installed extending the coverage to some remote area of the facility. That increases the user's reliability on their services as well call efficiency within.

AT&T 4G LTE Extended Services

For more, here's a statement by Jum Murray, the Michigan's based president of the company about their other future plans noted by Slash Gear recently:
"Our goal is for our customers to have an extraordinary experience, and they'll be able to download, upload, stream and game faster than ever before on our 4G LTE network. As part of the Metro Detroit community, we're always looking for new opportunities to provide enhanced coverage, and our investment in the local wireless network is another way we're accomplishing that."
Smartphone users with LTE-enabled device can now enjoy the fastest communication services of AT&T in the above mentioned places in the country.

And before we can forget, Verizon Wireless is also working on the other side to extend the coverage of their network.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rosewill Helios RK-9200 Gaming and Illuminating Keyboard

If your are a fan of any spectacular PC video games, Rosewill Helios RK9200 illuminating keyboard can probably give a much exciting experience. It is a mechanical device with underlying two LEDs for a brighter appearance. And this computer accessory is manufactured by Roccat and they are planning to introduce their very own game changing product in the upcoming CES 2013.

We found a few other illuminating keyboards before. But compared to Rosewill Helios RK9200, it is a separate package. Commonly, gaming laptops offered a similar features but not for a much brighter performance. The keys are specialized to project the light coming from the back portion in two different color combination.

Rosewill Helios RK-9200 Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are also available in some customized gaming PC. However, Rosewill Helios is probably one of their upcoming option.

For reviews and other important details about Helios RK9200, join us as we continue to follow this product on the line. It's availability will probably start by the first quarter of this year. And for handful of photos, you can also visit the company's official website.

RCA DMT580D Android Mobile TV Tablet for $300

RCA is reaching the border of their line of products as they introduced DMT580D Android Mobile TV. According to report, this 8-inch machine is coming in Spring of 2013 for about $300.00 only. More cheaper compared to Apple's iPad Mini as well to Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note. It is powered by Dyle television platform and has been optimized for its game changing features.

RCA DMT580D Android Mobile TV

Here's a complete specs of RCA DMT580D hybrid Mobile TV:
  • Processor: 1GHz Cortex A5 (dual-core)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 8GB (flash storage)
  • Display: 8-inch HD IPS
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, GPS
  • Camera: front and rear-facing
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 (Jelly Bean)
  • Other Features: Dyle Mobile TV, Dual TV Tuner, analog antenna
Furthermore, it is the first Android tablet to feature a built-in television tuner packed with a typical receiver because of its ATSC Mobile DTV. And it is capable of utilizing the available local channel and digital streams coming from Dyle services. Hopefully, this could offer a high-definition (HD) viewing experience just like of what we can get from Samsung's Smart TV.

In addition to this, RCA DMT580D is also headed to the upcoming Consumers Electronic Show (CES) of this year. You can catch the upcoming reviews and other important details of this machine soon as we continue to follow its appearances in the market.

This machine will be added to the list of Android-powered tablet, a hybrid model that has been optimized for the needs of television viewers. The digital platform that could change our perception towards the typical feature of a tablet computer. Other pricing details will probably vary base on consumer's selected model but for now, there is no words for a much higher storage size aside from 8GB.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Samsung is Planning to Release Tizen Phone

We do not now the exact plan of Samsung for this year in there blockbuster Galaxy S and Note if there will be an incoming new versions. However, according to a latest report coming from the company, they are about to introduce a new line of smartphone, the Tizen model. A series of this handset is coming as noted by Bloomberg Business Week recently.

Furthermore, we heard this plan few months ago but no one from Samsung confirmed this story in 2012. And now, reviving this rumor can give us a much clearer view of Tizen handset. This might be added to the line of Android-powered phone or another streamline of a new era of ultra-portable device.

As we try to look around recently for any possible photo of Tizen phone, we failed to catch at least one dummy or conceptual model yet. But you can join us as we continue to follow the other related story in this report after of this break.

Tips on How To Synchronize Your Calendar in Smartphone

If you are an Android or iOS fanatic, you probably choose to take advantage the power of your smartphone before our device can take over our nature, right? And of course, by doing a few tweaks, you can learn how to rely and be inspired of what you have in your time. Synchronizing your calendars from Google or Yahoo account is one of the first easiest step that you can make.

Becky Worley of "Upgrade Your Life" shares a few tips that can really change the way we work with our smartphone. It is possible in iPhone or any Android-powered handset. For Google Calendar, you need to supply an active account which will be used by your phone in synchronizing your content. Just look for Sync Calendar from the Setting and there you go.

Synchronizing Yahoo and Google Calendar in iPhone

And for Yahoo Calendar, you can use an Android phone and active account through a different settings. Using your handset, add your Yahoo credentials in the calendar. There are some other option but for a free and a fully tested steps, learn how to explore the environment of your built-in applications. We can synchronize our mail and contacts from Yahoo aside from the calendar.

Synchronizing Yahoo and Google Calendar in iPhone
(Photo Credit: Business Insider)

In iPhone, it is quite obvious that most of Apple application are designed to work with online services. It is possible for iCloud, Yahoo and Google calendar as well mails are all supported by iOS platform. We heard this stuff from reviews but we are just giving this few and short tips for us not to be overpowered by our smartphone.

Asus Nexus 7 Original Docking Station is Now Available

Pre-order of official and original docking station for Asus Nexus 7 is now available as noted by Android Community. Users can now place their order in B&H for about $40.00 only. And availability will start by 10th day of January but placement of orders are now live. Last month, we heard this accessories from a Japanese-owned website and now, other online stores are also showing their promotional posters to consumers.

It means, this official docking station is really headed to worldwide users of Nexus 7. However, this device will only work in Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system and old models will not probably fit on the stand. It is designed to hold a 7-inch tablet with Micro-USB port and stereo speakers output. But for now, it is difficult for us to know the right place for pre-orders because we haven't seen at least one of it since then.

Asus Nexus 7 Original Docking Station

And of course, we suggest to wait for its official date of release rather than putting your order online and compromise your budget. Reviews and other important details for Nexus slates can help you to know more the promising features of this upcoming docking station.

There are China-made tricky gadgets for Nexus phone and tablet nowadays. We just want you to be careful in choosing the right stuff for your smart devices.

Apple is Now Working for a New iPhone in 2013

Apple's iPhone 5 is currently in the spotlight of smartphone stores all over the world. We can say it because as we talk about this handset, we are flooded with comments coming from our followers in Twitter as well in Facebook. Lots of people are still expecting to hand at least one or even just an old model because probably of its amazing features and capabilities which are not available from other mobile phones.

According to reports, a new version of iPhone is coming in 2013 and Apple is currently working for its hardware. However, nobody from the company confirmed this story, a myth or another rumor that can attract thousands or even millions of craving consumers. Furthermore, this model is now the 6th generation of iPhone and will come with iOS 7.

In addition to this, The Next Web has been informed by its application developers for them to share their reference for a new hardware and iOS 7 operating system series of test in terms of compatibility. And they are probably planning to release iPhone 6 by the second quarter of this year as noted by our source without a clear details coming from Apple.

Apple Assembly Line in China

We also heard that Apple developers are already working for the new version of iOS but not in a new iPhone yet. And we are also expecting a true and actual stuff before a tricky rumors. Handful of photos coming from the middle of nowhere are all misleading but we are here to share those info after a thorough research and prior readings.

Join us as we continue our quests to follow the next version of iPhone as well its underlying capabilities and features soon after of this break.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WatchESPN Sports Streaming is Now Available in Kindle Fire

We heard that "WatchESPN" video streaming app is smoothly working in Android platform before. And other tablet producers are probably taking advantage the rising number of its user because it is now also available for download in Amazon Appstore. It is just an option for users to have a copy of this program to work with ESPN services.

Furthermore, WatchESPN app is also available in Kindle Fire HD as well in HD 8.9 device. Live access to live streaming services in sports and news are now one tap away from prestigious broadcasting company in United States as well in other countries. And according to our source, the application is totally for free but not for ESPN accessibility.

WatchESPN App in Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

And WatchESPN is not the only available live streaming app in Amazon Appstore and Android Market, other iOS applications are silently working far from what we know for free television access. Few of that are giving us a great chance to watch a live television shows through a free channel services. But we suggest to take an extra care in choosing a legitimate app.

Compared to other video live streaming services, WatchESPN is free of any charge and be vigilant from tricky nearby apps coming from unknown sources.

Evolution Kit for Samsung Smart TV is Coming

We know that Samsung is a game changer in television industry as well in LCD display manufacturing. They are the first company who decided to implement the typical features of smart devices on their products. And again, they are giving us a reason to rely from their technology. After releasing a series of Smart TV last year, Samsung was scheduled to showcase an Evolution Kit for their product.

This might be a series of new tools that we can grab from any appliance stores. An add-on for Smart TV that can give an extra features next to what we can do with this type of device. According to report, they are planning to introduce Evolution Kit in the upcoming CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, a great way for us to know more aside from specs posted in their online portals.

Samsung Evolution Kit for Smart TV

Furthermore, Samsung Evolution Kit for Smart TV is an upgrade for motion sensor as well in voice recognition feature. It has its own processor to accommodate the multitasking gesture of the user. For now, using a wireless microphone to communicate in our device will be added with capabilities which is much better than its previous functionality.

In addition to this report, a new version of Smart Hub is coming this year. Additional menus has been added to extend its features and accessibility. Pricing for Evolution Kit is much cheaper compared to a brand new television as noted by our source. And through the upcoming add-on, they are extending their services aside from what we can get from a typical Smart TV nowadays.

Reviews and other important details related to Smart TV are also available on some technology enthusiasts sites for you to counter-check your concerns and unclear issues. Before we can forget, availability of this kit will probably start by the first quarter of this year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ruby Wine and Amber Brown Themed Galaxy Note II

If you are already bored of your typical Galaxy Note II design, wait for a couple of months or three to catch the upcoming new accessories that will make a twist in your style. According to report, a red as well brown themed model is coming but this might come first to South Korea before the other outlets of Samsung smartphones.

Blog of Mobile magazine spotted by a Japanese website gave a detailed clue about the said variant of color for Galaxy Note. As we can remember, Galaxy S users are now enjoying the variety of cover colors they can pick in any stores. A black themed model for Note is already available but it is just a complimentary version for the craving costumers.

Red and Brown Themed Samsung Galaxy Note II

Furthermore, these Galaxy Note themes will be called Ruby Wine and Amber Brown. It doesn't show a deep color of red and brown but it is already good to hear that Samsung is also reinventing their style for the new year, right?

For now, there is no official statement from the company to clarify this report but a handful of photos in our source shows a strong indication of these new model of Galaxy Note II.

Do Not Disturb Mode Discovered Glitch of iOS 6

The "Do Not Disturb" mode of iOS allows an iPhone user to put their handset to a silent state. Calls and alerts will be turned off automatically without personally changing the profile settings. The status bar shows a "moon" icon to notify the user about the selected mode. You can set a schedule to enable the feature and changes its own way of handling the device.

According to report, a glitch has been found recently about this mode. A user reported a flaw related to some previous issue in iOS 6. Probably, this problem is uncommon to the newest platform of Apple and the device doesn't really work for the latest updates. Furthermore, a reliable source noted that some problem in "Do Not Disturb" mode affects an ongoing calls and alerts even out of schedule.

Do Not Disturb Mode of iOS

In addition to this, the problem rises in every new year's day. This might caused by failure of device to change the exact date in the year. If you are relying to your iPhone or iPad for your alarms, try to check the status of your device for 2013 transactions.