Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Windows RT Introduces NVidia TegraZone

Few months ago, we heard that Microsoft is working for a powerful machine, a touch-screen enabled device that will change the perception of gamers all over the world. However, that rumor become one of the most exciting story we are trying to figure out. And yes, Tegra 3 technology is just a few taps away from the upcoming Windows RT tablet of the company. NVidia TegraZone gaming portal is also designed to work on Windows platform!

According to report, TegraZone has been optimized for Windows RT as well for Android devices and that is for game developers to make a new changes on their upcoming version of applications. Microsoft's very own Surface slate was spotted by technology enthusiasts hovering in TV shows ads placements. But far from what we know, the underlying pieces of this device can totally amaze anyone in the world of gaming.

NVidia TegraZone

Furthermore, NVidia introduces the new breed of GPU along of free new collection of video games. And all of these has been optimized to work with TegraZone. This can offer a spectacular rendering capabilities which are not available from other gaming consoles. Enhancements are all visible as noted by our source, the dynamic effects and its teasing new lightning features.

These handful of video games are now available for download in Windows Store. And to experience the overall capabilities of TegraZone, learn how to make a few more choices by changing your old GPU or catch a piece of Windows RT in the future.



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