Thursday, December 27, 2012

Old Samsung Galaxy Note Models is Up for Jelly Bean Update

Samsung recently announced that old Galaxy Note models can now experience the coolest features of Android 4 (Jelly Bean) mobile operating system. Update is coming for the pioneering breeds of the handheld machine. According to our source, they are about to send a confirmation message to worldwide users and it's up for them to download the necessary part of the entire system.

Furthermore, we also heard that AT&T is now giving their consumers to experience the multi-screen capability of Android which is not actually available before. While other network providers allows their subscriber to choose the newest version of Android, the company are now joining the other Galaxy Note users to have a multi-window support.

Starting this Thursday, December 27, 2012, Galaxy Note II users binded with AT&T services can download the latest patch for their handsets and tablets. And this might be the right time for us to embrace the power and challenging features of Jelly Bean from any old models of Galaxy Note machines.

Reviews as well important details for handheld machines powered by Jelly Bean tells us a few spectacular leaps but of course, they are giving us a chance to decide either to catch this opportunity or not. And before we can forget, updates will come to any sizes of Galaxy Note smartphones or tablets. Just prepare your stylus pen to explore the impact of this changes.



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