Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Netflix Subscribers Continue to Suffer Wide Outage

Spokeperson of Amazon recently answer the problem which are currently faced by their Canadian and American subscribers. Since the Christmas Eve, Netflix users started to experience an outage of service from the company due to unknown technical reason. The company continue to investigate the main source of glitch to cater the holiday season movie and television show viewers all across the neighboring countries. Affected devices are PlayStation 3 and Nintendoo Wii as well the Blueray users. According to report, their subscribers need to expect the restoration by Tuesday, December 26, 2012.

Netflix are apologizing for this problem and they are willing to answer the calls of anyone who would like to reach their presence on the middle of the outage. Furthermore, the problem was caused by their cloud computing server somewhere in Virginia and they are currently investigating the other possible glitch that may happen in the future.

Netflix Logo for Amazon Web Services

For now, comments for Amazon Web Services has been disabled to avoid flooding of message from angry costumers.



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