Thursday, December 27, 2012

iPhone 5 Best Accessories and Protective Gears

If you love your iPhone, the following can probably help you to protect and prolong the lifespan of your gadget. And of course, be the first to know the best stuff that can make your smartphone more reliable by giving a spectacular theme base on your own taste. These accessories can give a much better performance or probably, can tweak some of its original function.

Let us start with a "Lighting Dock" for about $35.00 only. This original accessory will work on the 5th generation of iPod Touch and iPhone 5 as well on iPad Mini. The newest version got a slimmer design and will only work on the new wave of Apple products. It is now available in aluminum-like and hardwood look models. A Lightning Connector is also optional with another corresponding price.

Next, a waterproof case from Amphibx Go noted by our source. This protective gear will only cost you an about $50.00 for keeping your iPhone 5 dry in any weather condition. And what is good about it is that, you can directly use your handset without leaving the case. It has a specialized design where you can use its rear and front cameras too.

Furthermore, to keep your iPhone going without a power outlets at your side, Mojo Hi5 Powerbank is another accessory that can multiply the lifespan of your battery pack. It is like a docking station for your smartphone in aluminum-like cover. And it is mounted at the back portion and it has a capability to recharge along with main device.

A 30-pin adapter from Lightning Connector is also available for old iPhone and iPad models. You can now use your new original charger for about $40.00. And of course, it works in some other accessories which only require this adapter.

ShockDrop is another protective gear that can protect your iPhone from a possible damage. It is a ragged case with a silicon absorbers located on each edge. That includes a screen protector, aside from a 10-millimeter thick cover. This can give your handset a shockproof capability without really changing its original outside appearance.

These accessories and protective gears are few of those original stuff that can enhance your iPhone. As we try to look around recently, other brands are also available and you have the option to choose from variety of products in Amazon as well in other online stores.

From a car mount to stylus pen, markdown in prices is on as stores started to offer their year end promo.



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