Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Acer to Offer $99 Android Tablet?

If other brands continue to bump their handheld machines to Apple's blockbuster tablet, Acer is working on the other side. We heard that they are planning to sell a $99.00 machine, an Android-powered slate and a 7-inch model just like of iPad Mini. According to Wall Street Journal Report, they are planning to introduce this unknown gadget by the first quarter of 2013. This might be the upcoming cheapest tablet in the planet compared to other slates which are now struggling to compete in the market. Sad to say, our source noted that this tablet could not probably reach the American soil.

Acer Iconia B1 Android Tablet

Furthermore, Wall Street Journal report noted that this machine will be called Acer Iconia B1, an iPad-like tablet with 1.2GHz (dual-core) processor. Other specs are not yet available but the upcoming World Mobile Congress and Consumers Electronic Show this January can give us a much clearer clue. Budget-friendly machines coming from China are cheaper than iPad or Samsung's Galaxy Pad and Note. However, to have a $99.00 slate is really a different story, right?

For more, you can take a look for other important details and join us as we continue to follow the upcoming Acer Iconia B1 machine after of this break.



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