Friday, November 2, 2012

What's Inside of iPad 7.9-Inch Tablet?

Most curious geeks will probably ask this challenging question upon handling a 7.9-inch iPad and can drive anyone to look for a mid-size screwdriver to check what's inside of the slate. An online writer recently shared his handful of photos taken from a dissected machine showing a much closer look than what we can get from its inlay card.

iPad Mini review from Engadget is not probably enough for us to know more and we also tried to track the other related reports from rumors to a more detailed hands-on video. The following clip posted by The Verge shows the comparison of two different version of the tablet:

Similar to iPhone 5, the fourth generation of iPad is also features a "Lightning" connector with a lesser pin compared to its predecessors.

Internal Part of iPad 7.9-Inch Tablet

Furthermore, the underlying parts of this tablet is quite difficult to find as noted by our source but some manufacturers already endorses their protective gears that can prolong its lifespan. Most of it are small enough that will also fit in some Samsung Galaxy slates.

Having a Retina Display technology cannot guarantee but availability of its other underlying parts must be address by Apple before a serious problem rises from craving consumers around the world soon, right?



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