Monday, November 5, 2012

Sony Reader is Joining Thousands of Apps in iOS

Since 2008, there are already an about ten-thousand registered apps in iOS as noted by the current statistic. Compared to Android Market, these software are also exclusive for Apple-powered devices only. And guess what, Sony Reader is joining the crowd as they officially announce the availability of their very own application for any version of iPad and iPhone recently. However, iPod Touch is not supported by this e-reader software.

Furthermore, Sony Reader is a free app added to App Store and anyone can have it in just a mere minutes of downloading the entire source file. Registration is also available as the first credential needed by consumer to buy an e-book online. It has a full cloud environment like a wide library for any downloadable files. A full control for the device display setting is also available for screen contrast and lightning.

Aside from that, it has the adjustable daylight and night reading mode. Users can browse a variety of books through a front cover shortcut and additional summaries. It allows e-book shoppers to organize their own collections from numerous files. Sony is also planning to implement a cross-platform support and probably, for all Android users.

Barnes & Noble might be one of Sony Reader's tough competitor who are already enjoying the goodness of their apps. But the company is not relying in e-books business only and they are capable of giving the needs of their customers by introducing their own machines, the Nook tablets. And they already have a new upcoming two models, the Nook HD and HD Plus. They are also dropping the prices of Nook Color and Tablet nowadays to response the needs of a much cheaper tablets.

Sony Reader in Apple App Store

And before we can forget, pricing details for Sony Reader's available e-books are also coupled in each available entry. Remember, the app is totally for free!



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