Saturday, November 10, 2012

Serious Glitch of Apple iPhone 5 Spotted in U.K.

A video game developer based in U.K. reported a possible glitch in the fifth generation of iPhone. It's all about when the device renders its screen when user makes a speedy scroll while moving the device in new direction. According to our source, it can immediately freeze leaving no action to take when a followup touch occurs. This might be common to other version of iPhone but the person who revealed this problem is pointing the high-definition (HD) support of the device.

Furthermore, the current version of iOS is not the source of this glitch because they also tried the newest update but the problem continue. This video game company is no other than CMA Megacorp who would like to make a function while the handset is in diagonal position. They discover this serious problem for them to do some extra features in one of their application.

Serious Glitch of Apple iPhone 5

As I can remember, iOS 6.0 brought us a few problem in my wife's iPhone 4S. After her upgrade, she found out that the handset is capable of sending text messages but continue to search for any available network connection. Because of this, she tried to change the software to iOS 6.0.1 which eliminate this problem. However, other glitches might be in the other side just like of CMA's trying to prove in a much wider device.

Aside from that, iPhone 5 got a few reported problem in Bluetooth connectivity. The newest version of iOS already save the handset as well the appearing lines on its virtual keyboard. Other smartphones are probably facing a similar problem too, but for now, we heard nothing but the different screen resolution for apps of Samsung Galaxy.



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