Friday, November 9, 2012

Pre-ordered iPad Mini is Now Headed to Consumers

Folks in United States who placed their order for a 7.9-inch iPad recently got a few more days to come to celebrate for their tablet. According to report, the first wave of customers received an e-mail message telling them that the device are now ready for shipment. It's a five-day notification mail before the arrival of the most anticipated slate in the country.

Furthermore, it is for a WiFi ready and 4G LTE-enabled orders but there is no official statement that confirms the exact date of arrival. Apple also noted that they are currently tracking the serial numbers of each device for those people who are now waiting for their handheld machine. Shoppers in United States are probably expecting their tablet by November 21st, the possible date for its official release.

Verizon as well AT&T are also waiting for their customer to serve. And upon the arrival of iPad Mini, they are currently preparing for a bunch of craving consumers. For about $460.00, a device with 16GB storage might be the first model to reach the market and other versions are expected to follow. Review of the smaller iPad are now available in other technology enthusiasts sites who already handed the actual device.

7.9-Inch iPad Photo

It shows that American continue to patronize their own product because of high number of orders. Availability of iPad Mini in other countries are also expected within this year. However in Singapore, placing of order is already live in Apple's recognized outlets.

Other stores already posted their promotional flyers to inform their buyers that they are also selling this machine on the same price as noted by Apple. A way where they can let anyone turn their heads to the blockbuster device.



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