Friday, November 9, 2012

Philadelphia Topped for Lost Smartphones in U.S.

If you are one of those folks who are willing to sacrifice everything just to have a new and shiny smartphone this holiday season, be aware that you can lost it at any time upon handling your gadget. According to Lookout recent report, case of stolen smartphones is rising in United States and they are able to track a handful of reports from owners. Their statistic shows that Philadelphia is on the top of the their list with a high number of cases.

Furthermore, the statistic shows that an about one-hundred thirteen smartphones was reportedly lost every minute base in the total number of reports all over the country. It is quite alarming for those people who are not aware of what will possibly going to happen on their newly bought handset without a warning. Robberies continue to rise that involves high-end mobile phones.

Philadelphia Topped for Lost Smartphones

Compared to Manchester, England, Philadelphia is not yet similar to what they know as the highest rate of smartphone lost base on the density of population. However, it is a serious issue that the government need to intervene for the safety of their citizens, right?

Philadelphia is followed by the city of Seattle and Oakland. Lookout also noted that one of every American is losing one smartphone a year which can reach an about thirty-million dollar damages. The United States Federal Communications Commission launched their campaign for the rising problem.

Owner of any lost smartphone are encourage to report their concern on their network provider to block IMEI number of the device. That's will leave the stolen phone unusable for good. A way that thefts cannot sell the handset to others.

And before we can forget, it's time for us to be more vigilant and learn how to protect your iPhone and Android-powered handsets from thefts.



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