Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nexus 10 is Cheaper Compared to Any Version of iPad

Reviews of Google Nexus 10 showed out some of its outstanding performance as well for its negative sides. But compared to any version of iPad tablets, it is more cheaper but also capable of playing high-definition (HD) videos coming from supported live streaming websites as well from apps. The newest Android operating system is now headed to its 7-inch version this might be the first tablet to be treated by the major changes of its platform.

Its 2GB of DDR3 RAM is a reasonable choice for consumers who would like to have a powerful slate with a dual-core CPU. For about $400.00, it is probably one of iPad's alternative but Samsung is also working to earn the tastes of Android-device craving buyers. The competition continue to affect the pricing levels and they've got a much lower tags compared to iPad and Nexus nowadays.

Apple iPad and Google Nexus 10 Photo

Actually, choosing a cheaper brands is pretty tricky especially when some of Asian countries made tablets joins these original machines in electronic stores soon. It cannot guarantee because the flagship remains on top of every issue, right?

And lets go back to Nexus 10! The new upcoming model is thinner and lighter compared to its predecessors in the global market. It is quite large than a 10-inch iPad but the problem is, you cannot totally grab all the Android Market available apps because of its screen's very unique size. And that is only good in watching live streaming videos as noted by our source.

We cannot connect the other dot in several issue between Nexus 10 and iPad. But of course, if you are a practical buyer, you will probably choose the right stuff for your budget. Be vigilant and learn how to evaluate the possible performance and capabilities of your chosen model before of anything else.



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