Thursday, November 1, 2012

Newest Update of iOS 6.0 is Now Available for Download

Hot fixes for iOS 6.0 newest updates is now available for download. It is the first bug fixing module of the original software to answer some reported problems coming from the users. Few weeks ago, we heard that Apple received a handful of reports due to bugs coming with from their latest upgrade. There are several changes that affects the performance of its supported device as well in some available applications.

To name a few of it, horizontal lines appearing on top of a virtual keyboard, camera flash, and software updates for installed application through a WiFi connection. According to our source, improvements in network connectivity is now in iOS 6.0.1 along with integration of mapping service supported by other application developers.

Newest Update of iOS 6.0

It's a part of their incremental updates starting this week and there are several more to go as noted by reports. Enhancements in Safari browser, Passbook, and original Facebook are just few of those available applications to receive a treatment. However, this update is not a major revision of iOS but it shows a good way to care about our problems.

See the following photo below for example problem coming with iPhone virtual keyboard coming from iOS 6.0 update. It's a flickering horizontal line somewhere in the upper keys of space button.

Horizontal Line Appearing in iPhone Keyboard

And before we can forget, bugs for Passcode Lock which affects Exchange meeting app has been fixed. There's no need for users to switch in cellular data in changing their settings. There are other more problems that needs to be address soon and even reviews of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch cannot totally determine the exact source of these bugs.



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