Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NEC's AccuSync 19-Inch AS192WM LED Backlit Cheap Monitor

The Japan-based computer screen manufacturer recently revealed the new line of their upcoming budget-friendly monitor. A top grossing Energy Star as well from TCO rated device which can measure its own carbon emissions. And according to Slash Gear, it is also power efficient and lighter compared to a typical mountable display.

It is NEC's 19-inch LED Backlit LCD monitor that supports 16:10-widescreen with a tilt-enabled stand that supports the entire device. The base was designed to accommodate its weight while in the rough or flat surface. Furthermore, it can be mounted to any flat walls just like of its other predecessors in the market. Availability of this device will probably start by this month for only $150.00 per piece.

The AS192WM is also designed to work with other entertainment system through its VGA as well through a DVI-D available ports. It has a built-in stereo speakers and a standard audio out jack for headphones. It supports a 1440 x 900-pixel high-definition (HD) resolution, good enough for Photoshop users who are working in wide variety of images.

And what is good about this monitor is that, you can have the three-year warranty period upon buying with a full support from their local service center. Compared to CCFL backlit technology, it is more efficient in terms of power economy.

NEC AccuSync 19-Inch AS192WM  LED Backlit

If you are a practical buyer, we are not promoting this stuff but we are just telling you to embrace a cheap device for your desktop computers with a higher Energy Star compliance. For reviews and additional details, try to catch some more soon about the AccuSync AS192WM as we continue to follow this cheapest monitor and appearances in any stores after this break.



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