Saturday, November 3, 2012

iPad Mini is Slightly Bigger Than Nexus 7 Tablet

We do not know how to compare Apple's iPad Mini and Google's Nexus 7 in terms of overall performance yet. But after watching the promotional video of the two different tablets, we can say that one of them can really change the way we work with some applications in iTunes as well in Android Market. Supporting devices can let us decide where to put our side but knowing that most of its underlying technology came from the same manufacturers, it is good to keep away from that stuff for a moment.

Talking about the display screen of iPad Mini and Nexus 7, Apple's newest slate has a much wider display to support most of available apps. It's 7.9-inch high-definition (HD) support for existing apps is already one of its advantage but in an Android-powered tablet, developers need to decide whether to change or not the user interface of their software just to fit in a smaller devices.

Nexus 7 and iPad Mini Photo

Before, iTunes are filled with only two types of applications. And those apps that will both work in iPhone and 10-inch iPad. As the advent of 7.9 model, the new screen resolution must be address by app and game developers, right? Compared to Android-powered machines and smartphone, they really need to specify the right platform before releasing the most efficient one.

Samsung Galaxy II 7-inch model is another competing tablet next to iPad and Nexus. In terms of consumers choice, the Google-owned slate is already on the top in terms of performance as noted by reviews because of a good response from technology award-winning bodies globally.



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