Saturday, November 3, 2012

Google Nexus 10 1.7GHz Exynos 5250 Dual-Core CPU

Predecessors of Google Nexus 10 continue to compete in the global market. However, its availability in United States will start on 13th of November 2012 as well in other neighboring countries. According to CNet review, this tablet is more powerful than any other Android-powered devices nowadays. Probably, for a $400.00 slate, it must have the right performance compared to Apple's iPad machines, right?

The price is quite high for practical buyers who would like to own an Android tablet. We cannot deny that there several brands which are more cheaper compared to Nexus 10 with the same capability. But of course, its dual-core Exynos 5250 CPU running at 1.7GHz can make the entire stuff to stand out later. It came from Samsung line of microchip designed primarily for a fast and reliable handheld computers.

Google Nexus 10 1.7GHz Exynos 5250 CPU

Its 10-inch high-definition (HD) display supported by Nexus gives a few problems in Android developers. Because some of those existing apps must be modified to fit not only on its current screen size but also for the performance issue. In addition to this report, Nexus 10 might be an alternative for any version of iPad (4th generation) because in terms of price, they are both playing on the same level.

Pricing details of Nexus 10 is now available on its official product page along with its complete specification. And the only disadvantage of this slate is the charging capability while in use. Furthermore, this issue is not common for those folks who are using their machines while filling up the battery.

And before we can forget, 32GB Nexus 7 is now available for those who are looking for a smaller version with the same specs aside from the size of its screen.



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