Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AViiQ Introduces 5200mAh Portable Battery Pack

Next to their cheapest mobile phone accessories, AViiQ introduces a new portable charging station with 5200mAh battery pack. It has a single outlet which can accommodate a multiple number of connection from any ultra-portable device. The company is also known for this type of gadget and we heard a few stunning reviews in regards of their products.

Compared to other portable charging station, their new 5200mAh-powered battery pack has a promising performance and it can last for up to three to four hours in a single charge. It is packed in a small Power Bank back with a small outlet next to its Cable Rack. Charging has been made easier because of it has a removal part where user can recoil connecting wires.

The above photo shows a leather case or pouch of AViiQ. It is spacious and strong enough to protect the battery pack. This might be good for iPhone and iPad as well for other handheld devices. Probably, it is also capable of charging a typical Samsung Galaxy Tab, phone, and other Android-powered device.

Furthermore, it is currently available for about $160.00 each in a compacted 7-millimeter pouch. It is now in Amazon as well in other recognized outlets of AViiQ. And to know more about their newest charging station, see the following video below:

Review of AViiQ's Portable Battery Pack is also available in other technology enthusiasts sites. You can visit the official website of the company for additional details.



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