Saturday, November 3, 2012

Apple's 7-Inch iPad is Powered by Samsung Display Technology

Before, we know that Apple embrace the technology of LG for LCD screen. But now, their closest rival in the global market is also one of their raw material supplier. According to iFixit recently, they spotted a Samsung display chip inside of a 7.9-inch iPad. It means, their legal battle towards an infringement case is useless, right? And it is because they are both playing at the same field.

Other chip manufacturer of Apple has been revealed by iFixit. That the famous SK Hynix Incorporation for the flash memory of their device as well the Fairchild Semiconductor International for some raw microchip and Broadcom for its touchscreen controller.

Samsung LCD Screen in iPad Mini

And it is possible for some iPhone models to have a Samsung's LCD display too.

Last Friday, November 2, 2012, availability of iPad Mini started in thirty-four countries. Pre-order is now live for a craving consumer who would like to own a fourth generation of the slate. It is smaller than what we thought, lighter and more handy compared to 10-inch models. However, Apple is giving us a reason to change our perceptions towards their gadgets in the future.

In the other hand, competing brands aside from Samsung are struggling to earn the favor of buyers. Dropping of prices in Asus Android-powered machines are teasing practical buyers to turn their heads before deciding for a right stuff that will jive on their tastes. A budget-friendly machine can really make the competition gets going and we are expecting a cheaper iPad few weeks from now as holiday sales kickoff.

Furthermore, Nexus 7 is currently on its way to join the competition packed with the newest version of Android. There are other 7-inch machines which are also headed to the market waiting for the FCC approval. And smaller tablets with quad-core processors as well upcoming apps are getting a new chance to be heard soon.



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