Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Amazon Prime is Now Available in Monthly Basis

Amazon brought out a new twists for Prime loyal customer. Membership is now available in monthly basis for only $8.00 without a binding contract. Accessibility of any member in video streaming services can now stopped their subscription as they wish with no additional charges just like of their previous rule which runs for a year.

Free Two-Day Shipping is also affected by their changes in terms and conditions. Buyers can still enjoy their services for $79.00 only as well for Kindle users who are using their lending library services. However, subscription for a short-term services is just an option for those who are willing to take the entire year contract.

The holiday season is coming and Cyber Monday is up for numerous number of shoppers all over the country. And probably, Amazon is giving us a chance to pay a much cheaper price for their promising services. A free-trial version is also available for folks who would like to try the potential of having a cheap way of buying anything in online shopping stores.

Amazon Prime Available Movies for Live Streaming

Furthermore, Amazon Prime remain as the cheapest live streaming provider in United States compared to Hulu Plus as well in Netflix and other competing apps. Watching movies in high-definition (HD) format has been made easier and in a budget-friendly term.

And before we can forget, this offer or promo from Amazon will probably last for good as noted by our source.



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